Finding the One

Finding the one is not an easy task. No I'm not talking about your future spouse, that's easy compared to what I'm talking about! What I want to have a conversation about is finding your best friend, your partner in crime, otherwise known as... your horse. It's a important process and for some it takes a week; for some of us picky people it takes months. The end result - if you do it right - is a happy feeling and a beautiful four-legged best friend.


You Are the Best

Doubting yourself is something that everyone does. If you say you don't do it... you're lying. You may not think about it or realize that you're doing it. It can be mentally doubting yourself or physically doubting yourself. When you ride a horse, it's really hard to not doubt yourself. You can't talk to your... Continue Reading →

Trusting Without Boundaries

Trusting your horse can help you trust other people believe it or not. Once you start building a relationship with your horse it's going to become easier to build relationships outside of your favorite equestrian. You learn how far to push it and when to stop. This is helpful in relationships outside of horses because... Continue Reading →

The Trust Fall

I mentioned trust in an earlier blog about Cutter and how important it was with him. Well, it's important to every horse. When you're working with a horse you have to understand that they are prey animals. A horse letting you jump on it's back is a sign of trust in itself. That's how animals... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Art of Confidence

There will always be high points and low points, especially when working with horses. Some days will be great and give you the confidence to keep going and other days will kick you in the gut knocking you down with the blow. Mastering those times can make you or break you. For me, during the... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Always Rainbows and Unicorns

Confidence can be something that is learned and some people are born with it. It comes easy for some people in that way. For me, it came in waves. Working with young horses is not only physically demanding, but it's emotionally demanding. There are ups and downs throughout the process of training. It's important that... Continue Reading →

Confidence is Key

Often times working with a horse just takes a little bit of guts and a whole lot of confidence. To me exuding confidence is an important part of making a horse feel comfortable. It really is true when people tell you horses can feel your emotions. When your nervous they get nervous. When you tense... Continue Reading →

The First Old Man

I'm going to do a little flash back here because I feel I can't wrap-up this mini series without talking about him... The first horse I ever showed was a 28-year old, grey, Arabian, named Seldar. He was always known in the barn as the old man because that is what he was. A bitter... Continue Reading →

Fergie the Undiscovered

Fergie was the most unexpected horse I could've gotten. It's funny how God puts things in your life even when you think you didn't need it. Of course I always want more horses, but it wasn't the horse that I needed it was what Fergie was. Her energy was vibrant and it rubbed off on... Continue Reading →

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