The Highs

I talk about the lows a lot. Coming back from the lows, how to deal with the lows, and just everything about the lows of working with a horse. I’m not the kind of gal to brag and maybe that’s why sometimes when everything clicks, I don’t feel like shouting it out from the top of a mountain by blasting a video of it across social media. To me your accomplishments are your accomplishments, but today I’m going to take a minute to share my happiness with the world.

Yesterday was a bright day for Miss Fergie and I (if you don’t know who Fergie is scroll back a few posts and read all about her). She’s the first mare that I have ever owned or worked with. I’m a gelding type of person, what can I say… Well, I might be turning to the dark side because let me tell you. After last nights ride I think I’ve fallen for her.

She was a peach. Trail rode better than my old guys, picked up the smoothest, prettiest, little lope I have ever rode, and on top of all this never threw a fit once. She even long trotted like a princess during our trail ride around the property. I was glowing with pride and excitement for the future with this little mare I bought on a whim.

After our ride last night it just proves that even the horse you thought you were going to clash with the most can turn out to be the best peach of a mare in the world. Sometimes it takes a little guts and a lot of determination, but don’t just judge a book by its cover. It may take a bit to realize what you have sitting in your backyard, but I’m sure one day it’s going to click just like Fergie and I have.

~The Modern Equestrian~


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  1. She was amazing last night! Such a pleasure to watch you guys grow together! ❤️ Just seeing the bond you and Fergie have is rewarding… especially knowing YOU are doing all her training!!❤️🐴🐴👍🏻

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