I want to begin by apologizing to all of my amazing followers… I know I have not been as active as I have been in the past and I truly am very sorry for that. I started an internship this summer and even though I love it, it’s a lot of hard work that has been very time consuming. Every part of the internship has been amazing and I have been learning a lot about myself!

This past week Stinger taught me to set my expectations high and reach for the stars. Of course everyone already knows that, but do you really do it? Sometimes we tell ourselves the sky is the limit, but not always follow through with that thinking. What is setting a goal? How do you know what goals to set? Or what’s a good time frame to try to reach these goals? All these things are thoughts that need to be running through your head as you make goals for yourself and your horse.

Setting expectations high was something that I did with my horses, but not inside of my personal goals. I started doing it more with my horses and especially with Stinger for this season of races. I have actually seen myself wanting it more and trying that much harder because I feel as if the goal is farther away, but it makes me want to push harder. At my first race this season when I went down the alley way I felt more nervous then ever because I knew it was more than just money on the line it was my expectations that I wanted to live up to for myself.

It’s a weird process I suppose and maybe hard to understand. The higher your expectations the higher your goals, which leads to you working harder and wanting to get better and better and better. It’s great. When you reach the goal it’s that much more amazing…


The Modern Equestrian


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  1. Keep your goals high and you will be so proud of what you accomplish. We don’t always make our goals, but be happy when you do and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always get there. Some like you said take longer. Grandpa and me are proud of our goals. Even some haven’t turned out the way we wanted. It’s a lot of work. Now we can watch our great family work on theirs. Love, Gr’ ma n Papa. Xo xo

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