You Gotta Lose if you Wanna Win

Winning and losing go hand in hand. If you never lose you can never win. If you never lose you will know what it feels like to win. If alway win you will never appreciate that win. Yes it will feel great to always win. Honestly who doesn’t want to win? It’s how you got that win is what makes it feel so great. If you never lose then you will never to how much of an accomplishment it is to win. Another part of winning is how you get to the top and stay there. Getting to the top takes time, practice, commitment, and every other word you can think of. It’s all about the challenges that come in between. Nothing is ever going to go perfectly and if it does please give me a call to tell me how you did it because I would love to know. To me it’s those challenges that you face and how you overcome them that are the rewarding parts. This is especially true when you are working with horses. Horses have a mind of their own and sometimes it’s not in sync with yours. Sometimes it’s just going to be the little things that make it feel like you’re winning.

A huge goal of mine when I first got Stinger was teaching him how to do a flying lead change. I honestly don’t have much experience with it just because I never had a horse that knew how to do it and I’ve never really done them in my life. I was bound and determined for him to get it. I worked hard, looked up drills to do, how to control certain parts of his body, and after seven long years… We got the flying lead change down. We’re still making it look pretty of course, but I think the first time we successfully did a flying lead change I cried. I actually did. That is no exaggeration. I bawled like a baby and I don’t think I have ever loved that horse more than in that moment.

To many of you this little achievement may seem like nothing, but it’s these little things that are going to add up to big things. Remember, it’s always the journey it took to get there that makes winning what it is.

With love,

The Modern Equestrian


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