Just Say Yes

My first year at Michigan State University is coming to a close and I’m excited to say that I loved it. This is the first time that I’m actually sad that school is ending… Weird right? Well, when you get to a place that you feel like you belong it’s an amazing feeling. As my year here at MSU is coming to a close I want to look back on everything I’ve done and take a minute with you all to reflect on my new experiences. I came into school wanting to try new things, but still be able to stick to myself. I tried the rodeo club, which was the most obvious choice for me. I ended up not liking it as much as other clubs I was getting involved with (If you are going to MSU and have a passion for rodeo this is a great club! I’m just saying it wasn’t for me, but it might be for you!). I was a little disappointed because that was the club that I was most looking forward to joining. I was also going to start competing in college rodeo, but it obviously didn’t work out.

After my disappointment with rodeo club it just so happen that a few students were giving a presentation about a very interesting club that was right up my alley. This is where I came to find the Spartan Equine Ambassadors and I felt like I was home. Everyone was so welcoming and they were doing exactly what I needed/wanted experience doing. It was the clubs job to promote the MSU horse programs to students and prospective students at various events. I got to be a part of Horsin’ Around at the MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center and attend the Novi Horse Expo on behalf of the ambassadors. I fell in love, but as some of you know just one isn’t enough.

After the first semester at MSU I felt like I was just missing something. At the beginning of the year my friend at MSU joined the polo team at school. I was a little hesitant because I thought I could never do it. A western girl trying to learn polo? Yeah right. So I blew it off. Spring semester rolled around and I had the attitude of “if you don’t do it now Lexi you’re never going to do anything cool in your life.” I went to polo at the pav, which is a clinic/demo put on by the MSU polo club. Needless to say, I fell in love. It’s high paced, aggressive, horses, and still a team sport. It was everything I ever wanted to do with a horse. I was at tryouts the next week and soon after attending weekly practices with some amazing people. Once again, everyone was so nice. I felt like I was joining a little, secret family. I love polo now and I just want to keep learning about it. I loved it so much that I worked my charm on my parents and now there’s a polo pony in my backyard!

Now I look back on these crazy experiences and I realize how cool they actually are. So to bring it all around, my point is to try new things. Don’t be afraid of “not being good enough” or not liking it. If you don’t like it then guess what… you learned what you don’t like. I’m now preparing and planning my new experiences for next year. My plan is to dive deeper into my public relation experiences and try to take on more leadership positions to boost my knowledge in that field. I’m also going to experiment with different things for this blog to get new experiences.

New experiences are like a box of chocolate. Once you open it you’re either going to eat the whole thing because they’re that good or just eat one and close the box. More than likely you’re going to eat the whole box. No matter how old you are or what you’re background is don’t be afraid to at least try. Especially in the horse world! There are so many things you can do with your horse. To just do one thing you’re whole life is a waste of time. Go out of your comfort zone and try swimming against the current. Who knows… you might fall in love with being different.

With love,

The Modern Equestrian


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