The Trust Fall

I mentioned trust in an earlier blog about Cutter and how important it was with him. Well, it’s important to every horse. When you’re working with a horse you have to understand that they are prey animals. A horse letting you jump on it’s back is a sign of trust in itself. That’s how animals normally attack a horse in the wild, by jumping on their back, the action of you jumping up on their back and riding a horse is essentially creating a scenario in which you’re the predator. This all comes with trust. If you scroll through Instagram you probably see a lot of equine related accounts especially with the training method of liberty. Liberty is all about the connection you have with the horse, but I don’t think you have to practice this certain method to create a relationship with your horse.

A relationship with your horse is created once they can trust you. If you think about it, this is how every relationship is. Whether it’s between human and horse, human and human, or dog and cat, every relationship is about trust. I’m going to share with you how I gained the trust of maybe one of the most untrustworthy horses I have ever known… Cutter.

Stay Tuned!

The Modern Equestrian


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