The First Old Man

I’m going to do a little flash back here because I feel I can’t wrap-up this mini series without talking about him…

The first horse I ever showed was a 28-year old, grey, Arabian, named Seldar. He was always known in the barn as the old man because that is what he was. A bitter old man, most of the time. He was spoiled to the core and boy did he know it. He was the horse that roamed the yard and no one worried he was going to go to far (even though there was times he tested his boundaries…). He was more of our really, big dog. Even though he was a bitter old man, he still taught me a lesson. He taught me how to be a showman and appreciate what you are given. Not all of us can afford a mega world champion quarter horse, that does all the work for you, and lets you just smile big and sit pretty as a first show horse. Some of us are given worn out, 28-year old Arabians, that have never seen the inside of a show ring. Seldar used to be a performance horse back in his day. He pulled carts with other grey Arabians and wore huge plumes on his head. So even though he was never the “walk your horse, trot your horse” type of show horse, he was still damn proud to be in the show ring. I got sixth place in showmanship with him during my first and last show with Seldar. It was the best feeling in the world to know that I did that with him. Little old, seven year old me did that. I had the biggest smile in the world that day. I didn’t have the most blinged out saddle, fanciest horse, or even a flashy shirt, but I was a little girl that loved her horse and was proud as could be to be there in the show ring that day.

Seldar passed away peacefully in his stall at the ripe age of 31. When my mom came running in the house that morning, bawling her eyes out, and telling us all that Seldar died, I wasn’t sad. Instead, I thought back to the day Seldar made me fall in love with showing. He gave me the proudest day of my life. I thank you Seldar for not being the biggest, flashiest horse, out there that day. I thank you for making me proud and loving me. So, rest in peace old man…


I hope throughout my first mini series you all learned a little something. Maybe it was about yourself or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe you think I’m a terrible horse women now or something. I don’t really know and I don’t really care what it is you learned. All I hope for is that you learned something. I hope the next time you look into a horses eyes you don’t just look at them like an animal, but as a teacher. I hope you wonder what that horse has taught to people. I hope you realized that these “animals” are so much more than “just a horse.” They are lifesavers, teachers, students, best friends, a listening ear, and everything else a horse has ever meant to anyone. I hope that you have a better idea of who I am and how I became the way I am today because without these amazing creatures… Well, I honestly have no idea who I would be.


With Love,

The Modern Equestrian


P.S.   The next mini series will start tomorrow… Stay tuned!!!


3 thoughts on “The First Old Man

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  1. I learned we have a beautiful granddaughter that has come a long way in her journey of life. It will be a pleasure to watch her progress as time goes by. Love and will be waiting for next chapter. XO XO

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  2. I absolutely love reading your blogs!! Looking forward to reading more! Keep up the amazing work and sharing your passion, love and life lessons with others who have the same love as you with horses!❤🐎

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