The Most Unexpected Surprise

Stinger was growing and so was I. High school came along then came the big college transition. Through a lot of thinking, I decided that going 24 hours away to Colorado State University was a great idea. Well, long story short it ended up not working out so, I came home and found myself stuck in a rut. It was a really hard time in my life with lots of ups and downs. Of course Stinger was still around, but I just felt like I needed a new spark under my butt.

Stinger was also getting older and although there is always things to work on with a horse, it wasn’t the fun, exciting, baby stuff anymore. It was more fine tuning and niche training. I missed having a little baby running around the barn and throwing me sassy looks every time I asked them to walk or do any physical activity. It was just great timing by God because my good friend was selling her yearling at the time. She had found another horse that fit closer to what she wanted and this is how my little diva, Fergie, came into my life.

I decided since I was older and had one two year old under my belt that another one should be just as much fun as the first. Well, it was much different this time. I was at a different time in my life and I already had Stinger, so I didn’t “need” to keep another horse around the barn. The plan was supposed to be to put a year or so of training on Fergie, then when I left for Michigan State the next fall I was going to sell her to help pay for college… for those of you that know my family and I once an animal steps foot on our farm they don’t leave (we still have chickens that don’t lay eggs anymore…). My mom kept telling me she wouldn’t get attached, but almost two years later Fergie is still in the barn and my mom (and dad… even though he’ll never admit it) is calling her, her horse (she even tries to tell me how to train her sometimes, so when she rides her she’s a quiet, low-leveled, horse!).

I couldn’t disagree with with my, she was growing on me too. Her long legs gracefully swept the ground when she trotted and her pretty little eyes were always looking for something to get into. Fergie was also the first mare that I had ever owned, let alone train. I didn’t know what I was getting into…



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