Then There Were Two…

I reached a point with Cutter that I felt like I needed more. I wanted to go faster and Cutter was just a little maxed out, not to mention he won me more money that I could imagine (I am TERRIBLE at saving money… of course I had to spend on another horse!!). I also wanted a project, something that I could put my mark on it. After a lot of talk with my parents and many teared filled talks with Cutter, it was decided that the search for a project horse would begin. Cutter didn’t stop running for a while since the gelding I ended up with was a little younger than we had originally wanted…

Stinger came to me after a black filly, that I was in love with, fell through. I found this filly on Barrel Horse World and I thought she was going to be the one. Well, long story short, she wasn’t. She had too many conformational flaws to look past when my parents surprised me by going to see her when I was at school.

As a 12-year old little girl, I was a mess. I had fallen in love with this filly through pictures, talking to the owners, and everything. My heart was broken and after looking for a new horse for a while, I was beginning to think there was nothing out there for me.

Through tear filled, swollen eyes, the search began again! I’m pretty sure it was that night that I came across Stinger. A stocky, cow-bred, bay dun (NOT buckskin…), little gelding. He had his winter, shaggy coat on him in the pictures and looked like a quiet little guy. My heart did a little skip as I thought, “could he be the one?”, and my parents told me to not get my hopes up again. Well, of course I did.

Not too long after I found his ad and talked with the seller, we had the trailer hooked up and on the road to “visit” Stinger.

When we showed up he was every thing I thought he was going to be and a little more. He had kind eyes that were ready to learn. His conformation was exactly what I was looking for. He was a bit young… not even two yet. My parents were a bit concerned about his age and that he was TOO young, but since it was my money that Cutter won me, I got the final say.

So a bit later the paperwork was signed, Stinger was loaded in the trailer, and he was officially mine!


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