Cutter the Reliable (Part 2)

Cutter is nothing short of an interesting little guy. He has a heart of gold and the brain to match. I sometimes look at him and say, “Cutter, you’re too smart for your own good!” and he puts his cute ears up acknowledging I’m right. Cutter taught me the importance of trust and having a good base to your relationship with a horse. My dad always says you can’t build a house before building the foundation. Oh how I hate to admit it, but the man is right! Cutter just reinforced that idea. When I first got Cutter I didn’t realize how long it would take to actually build that foundation. He taught me to take things slow and make sure I’m getting it right before building on that certain skill. I guess patience is the right word. Yes… Cutter taught me the importance of patience. And oh how he taught me patience. When he wouldn’t load in the trailer I took a whole year off just doing ground work with him, riding, and just teaching him that he’s safe and he can trust me. That year was the foundation of our relationship. Once I built the trust I needed, Cutter would do anything for me. He was never the fastest horse and never will be the fastest horse, but I thank him for that. He taught me the mechanics of barrel racing and too many people don’t learn those first. There are too many people in this world that call themselves barrel racers that have no clue what a pocket is, how to rate, where to put your hands, or anything. All they think they know is, you have to go fast, which isn’t the full equation to the pattern (okay rant over!!). Since Cutter wasn’t the fastest, it allowed me to learn the skills I needed before adding speed to the pattern. So, I thank him for that.

The main thing that I take away from Cutter, is that trust is the foundation of a relationship. No matter if it’s between a horse and person, dog and person, or person and person. If there isn’t any trust, there’s nothing. He was truly the best horse that I could have ever asked for to teach me that lesson and so many more. I could probably do a whole blog about Cutter, but I guess I’ll stop here since I have many more lovely horses to tell you all about!

Happy trails and happy reading!


The Modern Equestrian

P.S. Excuse my thinking face in the picture *insert laughing face*!



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