Big Things Come in Little Packages

Cutter is a special horse and has always been a special horse. I never thought that our relationship would be as complex and meaningful as ours would be. He became the horse that taught me how to barrel race. It’s really interesting that I learned how to barrel race on a horse that didn’t even know the pattern when we started. He came from a place where he was just a lesson horse, but taught so many people invaluable lessons. He was always low man on the pole in the pasture and before he came to our farm he was thrown up against the barn by another horse that left a large hoof print, acquired a bad case of gastric ulcers, and regularly bit himself on his sides (some would say he turned into enjoying the pain that went along with biting himself). He still has scars along his flank area of where he used to spin in his stall, pasture, or anywhere he could, biting himself. Through all his anxiety, he still managed to be one of the favorites in the barn. When my parents told me they bought him for me I wasn’t excited, but I wasn’t disappointed either. I knew he came with his quirks, but I was a bit nervous when I started to uncover all of those. First came the trust issues, I learned you must earn his trust before you can do anything with him. Then the cinchyness, which we still deal with today. The not loading in the trailer was the worst when I missed a whole year of showing because Cutter was terrified to get into our trailer. We had to buy a draft size trailer, with padding around the sides, to get Cutter to load. Oh and can’t forget the head bobbing when he’s in extreme sunlight, because that’s always fun. That doesn’t include all the medical stuff. He had to be on special grain for his ulcers, too many pills to count that were managing his deteriorating nerve casings, and so much more. All for this little 14.3 h.h. guy. In the end it was all worth it and I learned more than I could have ever imagined from one horse. Growing up with a horse like Cutter was the best thing that I could have ever asked for…

Tune in to the next blog post to read what I learned from Cutter and how the craziness paned out to create a trust like no others. Happy trails and happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Big Things Come in Little Packages

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  1. Wow. I had no idea Cutter dealt with such trauma. He is so blessed to have you and your parents in his life. Growing up on a farm is the best start to so many life lessons. Good for you Lexi! Love you.

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  2. Memories and adventures with your peanut named Cutter! I love the bond you two have! He’s just about the “perfect” horse … so smart and witty! He always protects you and no matter how he feels he always keeps going for you! It’s been so fun watching the two of you learn together! Not to mention the $$ you guys won!

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