In the Beginning…

Hello all! I hope you had an amazing weekend and are prepared for another crazy week of life! My weekend was not that exciting, but it did contain A LOT of thinking about my blog and how I am going to organize my posts. I was doing a lot of planning and ideas on structure. I came to the conclusion of doing “mini series”. Each mini series is going to have a common theme and it will stick to that theme for the duration of the series. I am really excited for this idea and I hope you all enjoy it.

For my first mini series I am going to do a blog post about each horse I have been blessed with knowing, working with, or riding. I am going to expose all the ins and outs of my relationship with that horse and what they taught me. My plan is to do it in order of how each horse came into my life. I’m really excited to get to the bare bones of each relationship with you all!

I somewhat already started this mini series in my previous blog, so I’m going to link that post at the end of this blog and tomorrow there will be a new post, with a new horse. If you have already read my Samson post then I hope you enjoy a second read and maybe discover something new this time around. Happy trails and happy reading all!




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