Summer Time

"...Sometimes you're going to grab the thorn on the stem rather than smelling the petals, but it's fine."


Being the Sore Thumb

"It's a saying that you hear, but for me it's something that I've been feeling."

Being Superior

This is my second attempt at writing a blog post tonight. Why? Well, my first post began with "it's okay to be average". I got done writing it and began to re-read. I didn't get past the first sentence when I highlighted the whole thing, found the delete button on my laptop, and it was... Continue Reading →

The New Normal

There is no such thing as normal. Everyone is different, everyone is unique. No one wants to do the same thing. No one has the same goals. No one has the same path to follow in life. We can't expect to be a certain way and the people that surround you can't expect you to... Continue Reading →

The Future

Future is a terrifying word to me. Figuring everything out, trying to tell everyone what you're going to do, parents worrying about what next summer is going to hold, and all the other usual stuff that every college students feels on a daily basis. Everything is always done to better your future. You get good... Continue Reading →

College Aggies Online

Hello all! This blog post is going to be a little against the grain of what I normally do here. As some of you may have noticed on my Facebook page I am competing in something called the College Aggies Online Competition. It's been a really fun experience so far and I feel like I... Continue Reading →

New Year, New goals

Summer is over. Yes, I said it. Summer is over... The school year has hit all of us like a train and is beginning it's slow process of consuming our social lives. I used to be the kid that hated going back to school. Yes, I still don't want to wake up and go to... Continue Reading →

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